My hobby is love traveling abroad.

I went to Guam with my boyfriend on my graduation trip.

I went to Guam with my boyfriend on my graduation trip. He had been to the United States several times before then, but I was very nervous on my first overseas trip when I was born. I also read the guide book seriously, studying English that is likely to be necessary for immigration review, and feeling like going to the battlefield halfway, departing! I am smoothly finished the immigration procedure and I'm feeling better that I arrived in Guam sooner or later, there are Japanese guides around the airport. . . As expected there are only a large number of Japanese tourists, leaving the airport a little relieved, all taxi luck will also be invited in Japanese. Wow, good at Japanese! While arriving at the hotel while admiring, of course, reception of hotel reception welcomed in fluent Japanese. After all, I did not speak a single word until I arrived in Guam until I entered the hotel room. After that, even if I go to a shop or a beach in the vicinity, I can communicate with anywhere, so my sense of coming to a foreign country has gone away and I am a bit dazzling. Especially when I became a souvenir shop together with a girlfriend of the Kansai dialect, is this Japan? It is enough to mistake. I thought I'm getting ready for such a moment. But when I entered the ocean of emerald green, colorful fish like tropical fish was swimming around that area and I felt enough diving feeling even at the depth of feet. I bought toys' underwater glasses and snorkels in the hurry and enjoyed with Pukapuka all day in the sea. This is the real thrill of Guam. However, although it is very unpleasant that a black sea cucumber rolls at the bottom of the sea, it is not possible. In this way, it was my first overseas trip that I could spend a pleasant while enjoying a shoulder watermark a little. Even now, occasionally, the couple is blossoming about memories of that time. Yes, he is my current husband at that time!
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