My hobby is love traveling abroad.

I travel abroad every year when I am single.

I travel abroad every year when I am single. It can be said that this work was pleasure! The most memorable one is Europe trip. I remember having had a lot of fun with my childhood friend girls and having a drink from noon. In Europe, alcohol is cheaper than water, so you probably thought that it was a loss if you did not drink it. Because it is not possible to drink alcohol like this unless it is a staying trip, it was a happy day. This trip was a trip to three countries of Germany, Switzerland and France, but I was truly moved by seeing the scenery that I had seen only on television and books before. The castle in Germany was beautiful and the climbing train in Switzerland was also cold but the snow scene was wonderful. I can remember that I bought cheaply brand items that I usually do not buy in Paris and I am very happy returning home. But I arrived in Japan the first thing I did eat ramen. After all it is known that traveling if Japan's food is the best.

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